Re: Photo: Vegetarian Meat Reefer - Cudahy 5177

Schuyler Larrabee

This may have been answered, though I didn’t see this particular question answered:  WHY did the FTC force the meat packers to divest their other businesses, such as produce?  What was the rationale?




        Most of the advertising was for the benefit of lessees, so for example a butter ad on the car likely meant that it was being used for that, or at least for a company that shipped butter among other things.

I have never tracked down the 1919 ICC ruling, but it doesn't seem that it was very cut-and-dried.  Or am I missing something?


    Not the ICC, it was the FTC. It ordered Armour out of the produce business, and they got out (selling most of the reefers to a new company called Fruit Growers Express).


Tony Thompson




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