Re: ATSF 5714 Fx 8 color photo

Nelson Moyer

I’ve been lusting after both of RCW’s new releases, but the PFE/WFE reefer shows five cars on the ORER in 1953, so I can’t justify it, especially since the rebuild program occurred in 1952. As for the auto car, according to the history notes, these cars were more or less shuttling between parts plants and assembly factories, none of which were in Iowa as far as I know. Unless somebody can provide justification as to why this car would pass through Burlington, either between Chicago and Omaha or between St. Louis and Minneapolis, I can’t justify adding it to my roster. Please, someone give me a reason to buy this car.


Nelson Moyer


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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] ATSF 5714 Fx 8 color photo


    Aaannnnnndd -  a Richard Hendrickson kitbash of FE-13, using various Athearn and other body parts.



Tony Thompson



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