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Douglas Harding

Nelson you forget all the manufacturing in Iowa. Think farm equipment. Large double door auto boxcars are ideal for moving farm equipment. Seems to me there was at least one farm implement plant in Burlington. Caterpillar and Case both had a plants in Burlington. Get out your Shippers Guide, you may be surprised at what you discover. Or what was manufactured in a ATSF served community that would be shipped to a local implement dealer along your mainline or branch line? Those ATSF boxcars could find their way to a team track ramp unloading manure spreaders or tractor tires or... Well hopefully you get the idea.



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I should have mentioned it, but the ATSF only had 19 miles of track in Iowa, with Ft. Madison being the only town of significance on that part of the line. It’s not likely that the CB&Q would have any of these cars in their Chicago/Denver trains, and doubtful that the CB&Q K Line freights south between Burlington and St. Louis would have them either. Iowa is corn and bean country, so hay loading is doubtful. Unless I hear something more convincing, I’m going to have to pass, though I really like the car. That’s’ the down side of strict prototype modeling.


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Please, someone give me a reason to buy this car.



Not sure if this is of any help … but these cars did haul more than autos and auto parts. The following is from car spotting done by a young James Burke in his home town of Climax, Kansas on the ATSF Howard Branch in 1945. The Fe-7 through Fe-20 “Automobile” cars were spotted at Climax for loads.


5413    Fe-19   12-FEB                       loaded hay

8222    Fe-11   19-FEB                       loaded hay

8222    Fe-11   27-FEB                       not noted

67175  Fe-16   3-JUL              loaded alfalfa

7874    Fe-7                 6-JUL              loaded alfalfa


The Fe-7 through Fe-20 were very similar 50-ft car with the heavy steel whale belly frames. The Sunshine kits could build to any example of these classes. portions of some of these classes were in general service. Also assignments, pool services, dedicated services were revised frequently. 


Info on these cars can be found in the Santa Fe Rolling Stock Reference Series — Volume 3, Furniture and Automobile Box Cars, by Richard Hendrickson. 


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