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Seems more likely that a car originating of the PRR would be routed west from Chicago on ATSF than CB&Q, which didn’t run west of Denver. The CB&Q subsidiaries C&S ran North from Denver to Wyoming and Montana and the FW&D ran South from Denver to Texas, but none of them ran farther West. While it may be theoretically possible for the ATSF car to be on a merchandise freight between Chicago and Denver, it’s presence would be an outlier. I need more specifics before I can buy the model.


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I didn’t forget about those issues, but according to car service rules, wouldn’t shipments originating in Iowa more likely be loaded in home road cars and foreign cars having interchange with the Q?


Remember that not all of the Fe-7 through Fe-20 class 50 foot “automobile” cars were in assigned / dedicated service. A good number of these cars were in general service. That is, they were free roamers. 


Let’s take a single example — I am sure that there are many multiples examples — of an one of these Fe-class cars having brought a load from the west to the east. Say to a destination on the PRR. Then there was a load of let’s say refrigerators — a load that would volume out before reaching the load limit that would fit the requirements for use of a 50 foot car with the easy access of a larger door opening. As a railroad I have a choice of returning the car as an empty via reverse routing to the ATSF or loading it with an income producing load in the direction of its home road. Let’s say that the load was going a western destination on the CB&Q. A possible routing could have been from  the eastern location on the PRR to Chicago to the CB&Q to “Everywhere West". From my understanding this is in accord with the car service rules. 


I remember as a youngster my first sighting of one of these whale belly big boxcars. It was on a northbound MKT freight train that originated in Oklahoma City that was headed for Parsons, Kansas. Must have been a load as the train had passed by several interchange locations with the ATSF. These cars did ramble around the country. Having one of these examples in a through freight would not be an uncommon occurrence. 



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