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Nelson Moyer



I model Fall 1953. The question would be how did the ATSF car get to Iowa to be commandeered for grain hauling, or put another way, what’s the likelihood of the car being in Iowa.


I know it sounds like I’m trying to talk myself out of buying the model, but actually I’m searching for a plausible reason to work it into my operating scheme.


Nelson Moyer


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Hi Nelson ,

What time of year, and what year, are you modeling?

If it is in the fall of the year, when the grain rush is on, anything goes, and car routings are out the window. Any serviciable car is used, even if it means installing a center post on double door cars to support grain doors. Double door cars in grain service, are not the norm, but did happen during rush periods.

Fall in the midwest, even into the 1960's, is a great time to model. No rules.

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I didn’t forget about those issues, but according to car service rules, wouldn’t shipments originating in Iowa more likely be loaded in home road cars and foreign cars having interchange with the Q? ATSF had very few if any interchanges in Iowa, considering they had only 19 miles of track in the extreme Southeastern tip of the state. Interchanges in Southeastern Iowa included CRI&P, MILW, M&StL, CGW, and Wabash. I’m not sure ATSF interchanged with the Q in Ft. Madison, but it’s likely because it seems like I remember reading the a ATSF rerouted traffic through Burlington when the Ft. Madison bridge was out of service. ATSF had its own gateway into Chicago, so it didn’t need the CB&Q. The more pertinent question is, What shipments originated on the ATSF with Southeastern Iowa destinations served by the CB&Q or on one of the roads interchanging with the CB&Q? Unless a ATSF load would pass through Burlington or have Burlington or one of my branchline towns (highly unlikely) as the final destination, I see no role for the ATSF boxcar. I can see ATSF routing cars to St. Louis or Kansas City, then Northward to Council Bluffs or Burlington, but there are more direct routings available to ATSF. My car roster is already overfilled, and I have to have a clear operational purpose for any additional cars. Hypotheticals aren’t sufficient justification for adding a car just because I like it.


Nelson Moyer


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Nelson you forget all the manufacturing in Iowa. Think farm equipment. Large double door auto boxcars are ideal for moving farm equipment. Seems to me there was at least one farm implement plant in Burlington. Caterpillar and Case both had a plants in Burlington. Get out your Shippers Guide, you may be surprised at what you discover. Or what was manufactured in a ATSF served community that would be shipped to a local implement dealer along your mainline or branch line? Those ATSF boxcars could find their way to a team track ramp unloading manure spreaders or tractor tires or... Well hopefully you get the idea.



Doug  Harding


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