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Rick Naylor

In this time frame didn't all cars have to be rerouted to the home road via the same route it got there? So, if a car came into Chicago via the Rock Island, CNW and SP Cotton Belt it would go through Iowa on The Rock Island. 

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Nelson Moyer wrote:

Seems more likely that a car originating of the PRR would be routed west from Chicago on ATSF than CB&Q, which didn’t run west of Denver. 

    Why? The shipper chose the routing, not the railroad (unless the shipper chose to defer to the local agent). Shippers had lots of "original" ideas about routing, as one former clerk put it to me. It's true that under Car Service Rules, that it would be DESIRABLE for the car to be routed over the Santa Fe, but a car clerk knowing those rules did not choose the routing.

Tony Thompson

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