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Yes, MDC did do cars without end doors. I'm not sure all the various configurations came both ways. Certainly the WP cars with the herald plate on the door came both ways, as I have one of each.

Do you have Richard Hendrickson's RMJ articles on these cars? In July 1995 he presented "50-Foot Single-Sheathed MDC Box Car Kits, Dealing with Molded-on Ladders and Grabirons"; this was about re-detailing chiefly for T&P and WP. This was followed in the same issue by "The 50-Foot Box Car . . . From MDC, Walthers or Westerfield Kits in HO Scale and Cameron Scale Model Kits in O Scale", which was more about possible prototypes (includes a roster). There is a photo here of MP 85281 showing its non-door A end. In the July 1996 RMJ he wrote "Adding Grabiorns & Ladders Without New Decals: Detailing MDC HO Scale 50-Foot Single-Sheathed Box Car Kits". This article specifically shows photos of one of his end-door MP models.

Also of possible interest was Ted Culotta's article in the April 2008 RMC, "50-foot Single-sheathed boxcars" from his Essential Freight Cars series.

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Hi Gents,

I am rebuilding the Roundhouse/MDC/Athearn 50-foot, single-sheathed auto car to model a MoPac prototype.  

The major features of the model are single-sheathed sides, 3-3-3 inverse dreadnaught ends, fishbelly centersill underframe, steel doors, radial roof.  No end door (key point).

I have the Speedwitch decal set for the model.  The Speedwitch decal instructions indicate the first 50 cars in the series 89000-89049 had inverse dreadnaught ends, no end doors.  However, photos show cars in the 89000-89049 series with end doors.  A photo of 89169, the last car, also shows end doors.  Therefore the decal set is incorrect for use for my model, since the model does not have end doors.

I don't know if Roundhouse/MDC/Athearn made a similar model with an end door.  I could be wrong but I don't think they did.  They certainly made a similar car with end doors, but I don't think they offered this body style, which is almost perfect for MoPac, with end doors.  

Here's the question: Is there a prototype for the model referenced, without an end door?  According to Focus on Freight Cars #1, MP had 1,000 of such cars, most without end doors.  Does anyone have a photo from the other series without an end door?

Attached are a few photos.  Note the model has no end door, but the proto-photo does.

Thanks in advance for your help!

John Golden
Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany


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