Re: What methods do you use to add weight to an empty flatcar?

Nelson Moyer

Go to your local NAPA store and ask for BADA Tape-A-Weight #7026. These wheel weights come in  0.25 oz. sections, and they are self-sticking with a peel off backing. You’ll get about 9 lb. of lead in the box for around $80. The adhesive tape is strong, so be sure you place them right because you can’t move them once placed without destroying the tape. I’ve never had one come loose. The average boxcar takes seven sections of weight to bring it up to NMRA recommendation. Since you get 576 quarter oz. sections in the box, you can weight about 82 cars for about $1.00 per car.


Nelson Moyer


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clip-on weights for balancing tires would be very useful for a variety of cars (once they have been flattened), as they come in assortment of weights/sizes


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Auto Zone and some of the other Auto supply houses have lead/tin with self stick down to ¼ oz . and a box cost about $10 -$15.

    I did a search on Auto Zone and found nothing except clip on weights.  What are exact words to search for and do you have names for other supply houses.

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