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Nice photos!

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More Photos. 89164 and 89017 had end doors.



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Hi Gents,


I am rebuilding the Roundhouse/MDC/Athearn 50-foot, single-sheathed auto car to model a MoPac prototype.  


The major features of the model are single-sheathed sides, 3-3-3 inverse dreadnaught ends, fishbelly centersill underframe, steel doors, radial roof.  No end door (key point).


I have the Speedwitch decal set for the model.  The Speedwitch decal instructions indicate the first 50 cars in the series 89000-89049 had inverse dreadnaught ends, no end doors.  However, photos show cars in the 89000-89049 series with end doors.  A photo of 89169, the last car, also shows end doors.  Therefore the decal set is incorrect for use for my model, since the model does not have end doors.


I don't know if Roundhouse/MDC/Athearn made a similar model with an end door.  I could be wrong but I don't think they did.  They certainly made a similar car with end doors, but I don't think they offered this body style, which is almost perfect for MoPac, with end doors.  


Here's the question: Is there a prototype for the model referenced, without an end door?  According to Focus on Freight Cars #1, MP had 1,000 of such cars, most without end doors.  Does anyone have a photo from the other series without an end door?


Attached are a few photos.  Note the model has no end door, but the proto-photo does.


Thanks in advance for your help!


John Golden

Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany

RPM Blog:

<MP 89048 SS 50'.png>
<MP 85281 50' single sheathed auto box car 5x8 builder's photo, AC&F photo.JPG>
<MP _8917 Fifty-Foot SS DD _B_ end.jpg>
<MP _8917 Fifty-Foot SS DD _A_ end.jpg>

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