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Nelson Moyer

The original question was not about any ATSF boxcars through Iowa, but only the auto/furniture rebuilds.


I looked at Richard’s table titled, The Most Significant Santa Fe Freight Car Classes in 1950, and according to the table, I should expect to see ATSF boxcars in decreasing frequency from the list below.












All of these car classes had at least 1,950 on the ORER in 1950. The largest group of automobile/furniture rebuilds was 1,300 for FE-6-11/13/14.16.18/20 combined.


I looked at the Class, Number, and Assignments table in the kit instructions, and I don’t find a significant number of general service cars matching the kit that were operating in 1953. Most cars had auto racks that were not removed until after that date, end doors, or other disqualifiers.


I have two YMW ATSF  cars, a BX-48/50/51 and a Bx-63, both of which are more likely to pass through Burlington than any of the Fe class cars. I think any future ATSF boxcars I acquire will come from the top end of the frequency table prepared by Richard.


Nelson Moyer


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Nelson Moyer wrote:

I model Fall 1953. The question would be how did the ATSF car get to Iowa to be commandeered for grain hauling, or put another way, what’s the likelihood of the car being in Iowa.


         Don't forget what we learned from Gilbert-Nelson. Cars show up around the country (on major railroads, and on main lines) according to their proportion of the national car fleet, if they are free-running cars like general-purpose box cars and gondolas. Santa Fe had one of the biggest car fleets in the country, so it would be more surprising for a Santa Fe car to be ABSENT in Iowa, than for it to be present.


Tony Thompson



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