Re: modeling snubbers on Kadee trucks

Roger Miener <Roger.Miener@...>

Richard Hendrickson, having just indulged in a personal size pizza at
Standing Stone Brewery (Great Micro Brew -- you bet) in Ashland,
Oregon (Man - you gotta go there - Ashland, that is), reports ...

.... My
solution to this is to use CA adhesive to secure small pieces of
black-painted styrene behind the springs so that they (1) block the
past the springs and (2) hold the side frames firmly in place on the
bolsters, thus making the truck rigid. I have been vigorously
for this by those who have bought into the mythology of "sprung"
but my experience tells me that when so modified the trucks both
look more
realistic and track better.
Yeah, well, maybe. But, one of these days Richard is gonna sample
Proto:87 ... and then his opinion about "more realistic and track
better" may change just a bit. Yes, sports fans, there is more fun to
come. Richard Hendrickson and Proto:87 -- Uh Huh, Babe, ... yah gotta
love it! It will happen, yes indeed. I guarantee it! Whether
Richard will admit it or not is, of course, a whole 'nother question.

Roger Miener
at Tacoma WA

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