Re: CONOCO Proto 2000 8K Gallon Type 21 Riveted Tank Car Questions

Ken Adams

Thanks to all who responded so quickly. My suspicion that the car was not geographically appropriate is confirmed.  As the handrails are broken so I have no problem removing them and repainting a nice dull tank car black. Picking an appropriate owner/lessee will be a while before I get to this as it will be about #49 in my project queue. I have read Tony Thompson's article on Flying A recently.  I am leaning towards Associated as they owned the Rodeo refinery in the period I model. Shell owned the Martinez refinery in that period but I have them pretty well covered with a collection of UTLX cars.

Another project for the near future as my hermetic solitude continues.
Ken Adams
Still in splendid Shelter In Place solitude, about half way up Walnut Creek

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