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Douglas Harding

Bob the only railroad owned poultry cars I am aware of are evidenced from a
photo, CP 259102 and a drawing, Michigan Central 60001 (a Continental Live
Poultry car). The Southern Historical Society has drawing dated 1906 for a
poultry car, it does not list a number series. Kristin Dummler, in her
clinic, listed the following railroads owning poultry cars: Michigan
Central, Lehigh Valley, Southern, Lackawanna, Norfolk and Western, and more.

I have a list of poultry cars based upon photos. The above CP car is the
only photo of a railroad owned car on the list. I don't have a list of
railroad owned Poultry cars, nor do I know of one. Kirstin might have one.

1924 is the year that Palace Poultry Car Co was formed, creating a
competitor for the near monopoly the Live Poultry Transit Co had at the
time. PPCC had 251 cars in 1924 vs 2000 the Live Poultry Transit Co had. The
24 cars reported in the book you cited represents 10% of the PPCC fleet and
approximately 1% of all poultry cars in existence. The maximum number of
poultry cars was a little over 2800 cars in the late 20s. North American Car
acquired the PPCC fleet in 1926, and then acquired LPT in 1930.

There were a few other companies with poultry cars, most prior to 1910 and
most only had a few cars. By 1924 Live Poultry Transit was the dominate

Doug Harding

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Railroad-Owned Poultry Cars
According to the book, Car Shop Practice, from the Board of Railway
Mechanical Officials and the Railway Training Institute (published in 1925),
there were 24 railroad-owned poultry cars in service in 1924.
Does anyone have a 1924 ORER that would tell us which railroads owned
these poultry cars?

Four poultry cars were listed by Canadian roads in 1924, apparently all
converted from other cars circa 1923:

CN 149900-149901
CP 259000-259001

CP would add four more cars in the mid-1930s (CP 259100-259103, which were
renumbered 272200-272203 in 1947).

Ian CranstoneOsgoode, Ontario, Canada

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