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Schuyler Larrabee

Tony, with the improvements in the free-rolling of
trucks due to better wheels and more accurately
fitted axle lengths (yes, I know REBOXX is out of
business, but there's hope for another source),
locomotive performance has been enhanced
tremendously. The irony of improved trucks isn't
that they roll better, that's obvious, but the
apparent improvement of your existing locomotives
because the free rolling trucks let them pull

I use the NMRA standards for weighting cars simply
because that's what it is: a standard.


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Bruce Metcalf wrote:

I use the NMRA weights in HO. I have also found
that when there are problems, it's not the
absolute weight, but combinations of light and
heavy cars in one train. That, or putting light
cars or just too many cars around too-tight

There were studies in the model magazines
back in the 1950s that concluded (possibly
correctly) that the biggest factor in car weight
performance was CONSISTENT car weight. As Bruce
says, mixing heavier and lighter cars can bite
you. I think one could very probably choose a
weight below the NMRA weight now recommended, but
the key would be, again, to STICK to that weight
and get as close as you can with every car.
I continue to use the NMRA weight, but then
again, I don't have any heavy grades that can hurt
locomotive performance.

Tony Thompson

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