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Douglas Harding

Bud I’m not sure if one is available for S, but I use the truck tool reamer to clean out the journal cones on my HO trucks. I have even used it on brass trucks with great success as the cutter is machined steel. It shaves the inside of the cone to provide a smooth surface and better match the shape of the axle point. This  allows for smooth operation. I’ve had less success on cast metal trucks, and those I can’t ream get replaced.



Doug  Harding




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Thanks guys for all the responses on car weighting! Consistency seems to be the way to go. In S I have quite a few heavier brass cars without needlepoint axles and most other cars have either needlepoint or Delrin bearing inserts on the blunt end axles. I use a product called Liquid Bearings with just a light amount on the brass trucks. Seems to work quite well. Smooth trackwork is paramount though!

     Bud Rindfleisch

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