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Schuyler Larrabee

That’s fine, Eric, but what happens when you take your equipment to another layout?  I don’t even HAVE a home layout (yet) but I’m a member of a major club, the North Shore Model Railroad Club ( ) and one of the major issues that arise in ops there are cars that are either under or (far) over weight standards.  OK, fine, the weight recommendations in the RP.  Whatever, as I said before, it is a (de facto) standard.




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The NMRA car weight is not a standard it is a recommended practice. Here’s the PDF for RP-20.1 Car Weight. 


Many modelers use this guide for their own standards, but it is not an NMRA defined standard for modeling and manufacturing. As noted on the document, it’s a recommended practice (RP).


For my models, I use this RP to determine the car weight but install 75% of that recommendation. My train length hardly hits 20 cars and I don’t have any grades. Nearly all the models roll on metal wheel sets in trucks manufactured within the last 40 years. 


Determine what works best for your layout parameters and use the NMRA car weight RP to guide your own standard. 



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN


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Tony, with the improvements in the free-rolling of
trucks due to better wheels and more accurately
fitted axle lengths (yes, I know REBOXX is out of
business, but there's hope for another source),
locomotive performance has been enhanced
tremendously.  The irony of improved trucks isn't
that they roll better, that's obvious, but the
apparent improvement of your existing locomotives
because the free rolling trucks let them pull

I use the NMRA standards for weighting cars simply
because that's what it is: a standard.


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