Re: 1950s model manufacturers - was Train-Master vs. Train-Miniature

Kenneth Montero

Walthers also produced the Ulrich metal hopper cars.

Ken Montero

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Peter Ness wrote:

Ulrich – at one time Walthers appeared to at least manage this line along with Silver Streak; I think the products were identified as “a division of Wm K Walthers” on packaging. As of a couple years ago, someone turned up in an ebay search who was still selling limited Ulrich vehicle cast metal parts under the Ulrich name.

     Walthers bought the dies and produced the GS gondola cars for a time; I have several in Walthers kit boxes. The gentleman in Colorado who obtained the dies from Walthers really only wanted to do the highway trucks, and to my knowledge never re-issued any freight cars.

To keep this within STMFC content; It’s amazing (to me) that “back in the day” some manufacturers really made such a top effort to produce both accurate and detailed freight car kits working with the available technology. .. (they) would still stand up with many of today’s offerings. 

     Very true. I have enjoyed owning (and restoring) a number of HO scale classic freight car models, including an excellent Athearn metal tank car, as described in a blog post. If you're interested, here is a link:

Tony Thompson

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