Re: CONOCO Proto 2000 8K Gallon Type 21 Riveted Tank Car Questions

Ken Adams

Oops "switched" in my list of Carquinez south shore refineries to be switched by local power from Port Costa in the early 1950's.

The correct locations for the period are:
Shell at Martinez - predominantly  GATX?
Tidewater/Associated at Avon - predominantly UTLX
Union Oil/Phillips 66 at Rodeo - predominantly  ?

Who did Shell use for tank car transportation inbound and outbound? Garth's list indicates GATX and Tidewater UTLX with a mix of others?   Ted Culotta's blog
has some interesting information but it is for Shell chemical tanks not plain old crude/refined oil shipments.  John Barry's 1944 list is very interesting. Would the 1950-54 period which I model have a similar car owner distribution?

Maybe there were just much fewer/none plain old crude/refined oil product shipments by the early 1950's as the vast network of pipelines carried much of the inbound and outbound Carquinez Straits petroleum product traffic.  Every refinery was also directly linked to by pipeline or had it's own oil dock carrying huge volumes of crude and refined product in large tanker vessels. One of the key reasons refineries were located in that area.

Every time I visit my LHS Just Trains store in north Concord I have to remember that the storage tanks across Arnold Drive to the north are the start of the vast former Tidewater/Associated refinery complex. A small Avon yard still exists according to Google Earth but all of Avon is off limits due to strict refinery security. Avon was of course also the northern start/terminus of my other detail modeling interest, the SP San Ramon Valley line. 

Ken Adams
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