Re: CONOCO Proto 2000 8K Gallon Type 21 Riveted Tank Car Questions

anthony wagner

Ron, Look up Atlantic Petrolium Co in Wikipedia. Hq in Philadelphia PA  later became Atlantic-Richfield, still later Arco, and finally part of Sunoco. Part of Arco was sold to BP.  Conoco was Continental Oil and Transportation Co hq Ogden Utah and has a much more complex history. As of 2002 the company merged with Phillips Petroleum to become Conoco-Phillips. Basically Atlantic was eastern US and Conoco western US during the steam era. Tony Wagner

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For information, the Atlantic Refining Co. refinery mentioned was acquired by Fina (American Petrofina) past the timeline of this list, and operated under that name for upwards of thirty years.  The Fina company was acquired by Total (pronounced to-TAL) and exists today, greatly expanded.  Atreco was a siding, and the plant's physical location is at the north edge of Port Arthur, bordered on the west by Port Neches.  The railroad serving it was and is the KCS.

Ron Merrick

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