B&O M15k S scale pilot model update

Jim King

This email with attached photos was previously sent to all modelers who have prepaid for this kit.  If you missed out on the earlier announcements (spanning several months) and still want to purchase a kit or 12 (that’s a “beer joke” from the John Boy & Billy radio show 😊), contact me off-list to make arrangement.


The attached 2 photos show status of the M15k body as of today.  Remaining are adding LOTS of Archer rivets to the side post extensions and end sills, a few door track supports, a styrene backing strip behind the side post extensions and final check.  Looks like it’ll take a couple days early next week to get this done, then let everything dry overnight, do a final check, then prep for rubber mold by Thursday night.  So far, the other castings that have been in production for a few months, including the underframe that you see in the broadside photo, fit as intended (whew!).


The underframe was designed around a fishbelly design based on the original M15 car from the late teens.  No drawings exist that I’ve found for this car, so I based the design on a 40-ft car from the early 20s (thank you Don Thompson for that drawings!) and Sunshine Models and Westerfield Models who produced the M15k in HO.  The truck centers are correct for the B&O car and are very close to “generic” spacing.  The intermediate crossbearers (the little ones between the bolsters) do not line up with the wagontop body’s side posts … this is NOT an oversight on my part; this is prototypical.  B&O made an all-new steel body to fit the ancient M15 underframe, which was too narrow for the wider body, hence the spacers behind the posts which created the characteristic “notch appearance”.


The next photos I send will be of the completed pilot model, except for painting/decaling.


Jim King



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