Re: CONOCO Proto 2000 8K Gallon Type 21 Riveted Tank Car Questions

Dave Parker

Just to clarify a bit on some oil company history in the steam era:

Atlantic was one of the 11 "baby standard" spinoffs from the 1911 breakup of Standard Oil.  Its assigned territory was just PA and DE, and it was unique in that it declined its exclusive marketing rights there, thus freeing it up to operate retail outlets just about anywhere. With the addition of some southeast and Gulf Coast infrastructure, Atlantic became a name brand up and down the east coast (and perhaps over into Ohio).  The merger with Ritchfield to create what eventually became Arco occurred in 1965, beyond the scope of this group.

Continental (Conoco) was the Rocky Mountain baby standard, and initially assigned ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, and NM.  Backed by some J P Morgan financing, Conoco gobbled up a number of smaller oil companies, allowing it to aggressively expand its territory across the heartland, and even (briefly, in the 1940s) to the mid-Atlantic states.  In the 1950s, Conoco tried unsuccessfully to expand westward to the Pacific coast.  Thus, for most of our period of interest, Conoco's territory was largely comprised of its original six-state area, plus AZ and a wide swath of states extending north from TX and east to IL and KY
Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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