Re: CONOCO Proto 2000 8K Gallon Type 21 Riveted Tank Car Questions

Dave Parker

At the risk of going way too far down into the weeds:

In 1921, Oildom published a list of all of the operating US refineries.  Atlantic had four, three in PA and (a real rarity) one in GA.

From what I can dredge out of the University of Google, Atlantic's facility in Port Arthur was initially just a crude oil terminal for shipping Spindletop crude to the four refineries.  Refining activity began in 1936, and became more sophisticated during the war and in the 1950s.

To circle back to freight cars, Atlantic probably didn't need any in Port Arthur until the late 1930s at the earliest.  Atlantic Refining (ARX) had a teeny tank-car fleet in the 1930s -- just four cars, but of 12,000-gal capacity.  They must have leased cars for almost all of their rail traffic, but from whom I don't know.  Perhaps UTLX, but Atlantic was a bit of a maverick among the 11 baby standards, so perhaps not.

Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA

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