Re: CONOCO Proto 2000 8K Gallon Type 21 Riveted Tank Car Questions

Brian Carlson

1948 is still in the post war optimism era. Could it have been a one off for display purposes. 

It wouldn’t be the first time that error was made. A certain heavily over-represented obscure tank car in gray/silver comes to mind.  

Brian J. Carlson 

On Jun 27, 2020, at 10:14 PM, Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:

Richard Townsend wrote:

This intrigues me. I checked my stash of Champ decals and the diagram, copyright 1948, calls out a "bright red" tank. 

     Photograph would be nice, of course. But AFAIK all the early Champ stuff is totally prototype based, even if some lettering is a little crude. I am not aware of any Champ foibles from the 1948 era.

Tony Thompson

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