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Andy Carlson wrote: "I don't believe that Tangent has made a 10000 gallon GATC tank car (yet). "

Andy, Tangent has a website and this page shows our 1917-design tanks with 10,000 gallon radial course tanks.   It is at the bottom of the cars available page since this model is sold out at this time.  You can go here to see the models that exist out there probably on people's shelves:

The Type 27 ACF tanks have the long longitudinal courses and could be placed on a Tangent Type 17 underframe - to create a model of a GATC 1922-design tank.  Some shots of one of these online:

From the steam era, there are other schemes like Union Oil of California and British American, but that is a start.  Note the center of the car banding present on the GATC builds that is not present on the ACF builds from 1927 but those bands are modelable...

David Lehlbach
Tangent Scale Models

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