Re: Photos: PFE 36624 (R-40-2)


On Sat, Jun 27, 2020 at 06:54 PM, Bob Chaparro wrote:
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Photos: PFE 36624 (R-40-2)

Undated photos from the Library of Congress, probably from the early 1940s:

In Ted's recent blog post on his site, he goes over the PRR 2D-F8 truck variants in some detail, I suggest all interested take a look.

In it, he mentions the ARA variant used on PFE reefers and in the above link from Bob, the PFE reefer has an ARA type Y truck as mentioned in Ted's blog.
In the TIFF version you can zoom in quite well on this interesting truck.

The one on this PFE reefer looks to have a lateral motion device, something not shown in Ted's blog.

On a side note, if anyone on this list has extra or unneeded RC X29 trucks they don't need or want, I and someone else on this list would like to get them.
We could put them to use.

Dan Smith

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