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Nelson Moyer

You’re pretty close to the NMRA recommendation  for a forty foot house car with metal wheels. I use seven of the ¼ oz. tire weights, and that’s very close to the recommendation. For those not familiar with the formula, it’s one ounce plus ½ oz. per inch of car length, so a 40 ft. house car would weigh 3.5 oz. It’ s better to be a little over than a little under, and some clubs have their own standards like La Mesa, which includes rollability and tipping in addition to car weight. Car weight isn’t a critical operational feature unless you run very long trains on horseshoe curves, but the minimum weight should be at least 3.25 oz. for good tracking. I’ve operated 80 plus car trains on the 2% grades on the Tehachapi, and that’s true test of car trackability.


Nelson Moyer


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I have never paid any attention to the NMRA weighting recommendations and couldn't begin to say what they are.  For styrene cars I use what I am given.  For resin cars of any kind I use I use six of the 1/4 oz. sticky weights in a strip.  Exceptions would be resin flat cars which get what ever fits underneath and resin hoppers which get basically nothing beyond trucks and couplers.  I also run empty Kadee 2-bay hoppers with no added weight.  I have no derailment issues.  Carefully laid track helps.


Bill Darnaby 


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