Re: Covered Hoppers

Eric Mumper


Thanks for the kind words to those that replied.  I have added a couple more photos just for fun.


The car SHPX 25581 says "LEASED TO CB&Q" and is shown in RP Cyc 27 as having the standard ACF type 1 roof.  I added a photo of CB&Q 180863 showing a model built to Q practice with the type 3 roof supplied by Yarmouth Model Works kit 103 and decals by Jerry Hamsmith.  By 1954 non of these cars appeared to have any return to lettering although that may have been added soon after.  I have BB#20 and find it invaluable in addition to RP Cyc 30 for the Q cars.  The great controversy with the Q cars is the paint job and I have only seen the one color picture in RP Cyc 30 showing what appears to be the factory black roof and underbody as stated in the text.

Eric Mumper

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