Re: Help Needed for MoPac Box Car Model


Hi Garth, Fenton and Steve,

Thanks for the help and photos.  Your info helped me out a lot.

My message didn't show up on the list for about five days, so thinking it was lost I went to Ed Hawkins.  Ed and I talked it over and determined that MP 86000-86149, 150 cars built MVC, 10’-2” IH, 12’-0" door openings, Youngstown doors, Ajax power hand brakes (no end doors!) matches the model perfectly.  Ed was able to provide a photo.  I'll have to change the trucks and retainer pipe but I can do those things without much trouble.  Unfortunately the photo can't be released, but I'm sure we'll be able to dig up a few more views elsewhere.

I'm a fan of single-sheathed box cars and having a big, 50-foot car for the layout scratches that itch.

John Golden 
Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany

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