Re: Help Needed for MoPac Box Car Model


Hi Ted,

No Sir, no apologies necessary.  Ed and I talked it over and the model perfectly represents MP 85450-85949 (as you mentioned), 500 cars, built ca. 6-27, ACF lot 399, 10’-0” IH, 11’ door openings, wood doors, no end doors.

The prototype I'm modeling is actually the third series, which was the only series delivered with Youngstown doors and no end doors.  That's MP 86000-86149, 150 cars built MVC (job no. unknown), 10’-2” IH, 12’-0" door openings, Youngstown doors, Ajax power hand brakes, and of course no end doors.

The decal set is fab and I appreciate the consideration of adding two different size medallions.  Just a little cut and paste is all that's needed.  

Thanks again for offering all that great stuff for us.

John Golden

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