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Some railroads purchased poultry cars. The 1906 ORER includes the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western with 50, the Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis with 25, and the Columbus, Sandusky & Hocking with an unstated number. The Southern had 57 in 1917 of their own design and the Pennsylvania Railroad had 13. Canadian National had two in the late 20s. Canadian Pacific had two cars in 1930, four in 1945.




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Railroad-Owned Poultry Cars

According to the book, Car Shop Practice, from the Board of Railway Mechanical Officials and the Railway Training Institute (published in 1925), there were 24 railroad-owned poultry cars in service in 1924.

Does anyone have a 1924 ORER that would tell us which railroads owned these poultry cars?


Bob Chaparro

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