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These are fascinating cars, different from many other roads', in that they were built to meet specific customer needs, in this case being loading of cold-rolled steel coils. Thus, the 8' door for fork lifts using a large prong to maneuver the coil thru the doorway and into place at the car ends/over the trucks.

This extreme loading process for a box car is what led EJ&E, B&LE, PRR and other steel-loading roads, to reinforce the somewhat weak center of the car, sometimes in retrospect, by application of a bolster-to-bolster channel side sill reinforcement. B&LE, for example, rebuilt their XM-5 version of the '37 AAR car, with a reinforced side sill, almost bolster-to-bolster. Later cars, recognized by the owner as inadequate, also got heavy side sill reinforcements, as attached.

PRR-ordered '44 AAR cars were furnished with 7' and 8' doors, for use in services like this, were also determined to be weak when loaded like that, so were reinforced in a big rebuilding campaign, in similar manner.

I hope that adds to understanding of these cars.

Elden Gatwood

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Here's a look at the first Schoen-designed car for PB&LE:

And the various trucks under that initial order:

David Thompson

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