Re: My correction to the latest IMRC PFE Reefers

Andy Cich



Excellent presentation? The pictures, arrows, and captions describe the process very clearly.


Did you have much trouble breaking the glue joints and getting the parts removed? It looks like you were able to salvage the AB valve and cosmetically repair it. I considered asking Intermountain for warranty parts, but it looks like you were able to re-use everything.


Andy Cich


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] My correction to the latest IMRC PFE Reefers


I was excited to get one of the PFE R-30-18 models this spring, but the excitement was tempered when many noted the strange way the brake components were assembled.  After some discussions with Dick Harley and others, I documented my changes in a short presentation that is attached.


Be sure to check out Dick’s updated web pages on PFE reefers.  He has added a lot to his site at he pondered these cars.


Steve Hile

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