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Nelson Moyer

Tony’s right, when larger steel automobile cars became available, many  CB&Q door and one half single sheathed boxcars had the small door welded shut by placing a steel plate between the door and the Z-bar to the left of the door. You can clearly see that plate in the photo. The disabled door was stenciled Single Door Car to give crews a heads up that the small door wasn’t operational.


Nelson Moyer




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Bob Chaparro wrote:

Photo: Repainted CB&Q Boxcar 11988

A 1948 photo from the Newberry Library:

This photo can be enlarged quite a bit.

The car was built in 1925.

Note the stencil "Single Door Car" on the door. The door appears to separate in the middle with each half sliding toward an end of the car.

Anyone know the name for this type of door?


    Um, it's a double door, Bob. They have just disable one half, so only one door functions.


Tony Thompson




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