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Rupert Gamlen


I’ve checked the newspapers (through the National Library’s newspaper collection) for the 20’s and 30’s and found that there was a company called Nash Motors NZ Ltd. having the sole agency for Nash but no trace of “Bennett & Woods”. So, I don’t know whose crates were on the flat car.

Looking at Kelvinator, there were plenty of dealers but no mention of an importer or wholesaler.

Never mind, keep safe and just stay out of Victoria!



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This might be a red herring, but Bennett & Woods were the Australian distributor for Kelvinator in the early part of the 20th Century.

They were a leading company in the motor trade here in Australia, but more spare parts than new cars.

Wasn’t Kelvinator part of the Nash brand?

Coincidently, B&W were the Australian distributor for Harley Davison from 1915 and BSA motorbikes.

(Nothing to do with Nash, just something I found while researching around this photo)


I must admit, I thought the boxes looked a little small for cars.


Rupert, do you know who the NZ distributors were for Kelvinator before Fisher & Paykell took the line on the late 30s?

I wonder if Bennett & Woods had an NZ Division?


Again, I may be way off on this.


Dave North



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