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Eric Shatford


          The Consolidated Chemical plant in the photos was indeed taken on the FWD at a location called Hodge within the Fort Worth switching limits.  Ownership passed to  Stauffer Chemical, however I am not sure when the change occurred; it was Stauffer when I started with the Denver in 1973.  Rhone-Polenec took over from Stauffer, eventually closing the plant.  Today, nothing is left on the site. Everything was dismantled or demolished. 

They shipped out mostly sulfuric acid.  CCIX 342 is marked “Sulfuric Acid” above the tank test dates and is spotted at the sulfuric spots in the plant.  While the acid went to various destinations, there was always one or two cars of sulfuric for Springhill, Louisiana to the paper mill there routed FWD-Dallas-L&A.  Raw material inbound was potash coming to the plant off the ATSF.  It came out of New Mexico somewhere.  In the pictures, the shed over the track in the distance is where the potash unloaded.


Eric Shatford

Fort Worth, Texas


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These are interesting photos.  This car has 70-ton trucks, with an 8000 gallon capacity tank, so this must be a heavy acid like sulfuric.

My brief search for this company has hit a dead end, because all I turn up for Consolidated Chemical Industries is a newer chemical marketing company in Houston.  The photo caption mentions Ft. Worth and the CB&Q, which probably means FW&D in the context.  My best guess is that this is a company that was absorbed long ago into a larger chemical manufacturer.  But this would be a useful car to model.

Ron Merrick

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