Re: Photo: Flat Car Load - Identity Of Items

Jim Betz

Hi guys,
  The photo is identified as being of cars on a repair track.  Not sure if that is correct or
not - the guy with the portable welding set up could be using it to secure tie downs?
  I like this photo - very much - because it shows so much activity around this cut of
cars.  There are guys working on most of them down the line - but it does not look
like much is happening to the cars on the track to the right.  I also like it because the
date is more 'useful' to me since it is later than the spate of early pictures we've
been seeing lately.  Don't take that as meaning that I don't look at them all - I'm
just saying that I spend more time studying photos from my chosen era.
  There are no less than 6 workers who are focused directly on that flat car!
One of them appears to be sitting in the seat of the one on the far right - but I
guess he could be standing on the deck of the car.- or is that just a hat on top
of something (the one behind the steering wheel).  Speaking of hats I note
that "everybody is wearing a hat" - it was not a balmy day in Galesburg (but
also not cold enough for them to be wearing coats).
                                                                                                                - Jim

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