Re: Photo: PRR Flatcar 47068 With Grader Load

Mont Switzer


When I was building D-8's I talked to a guy who owned one or two of them.   I concluded from the conversation that a 70T flat would not handle 2 of them. 

I've googled other CAT models and base data was pretty complete.  Many CAT model designations remained consistent over the years. 

You can buy  pre and post CAT touch up paint at many farm/fleet stores.  The color changed around 1970 when they took the lead out of their paint. 

Mont Switzer 

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I haven't loaded my pretty little Artitec D7 onto a flatcar yet, because I'm not sure what car is appropriate: 40-foot? 50-foot? 40-ton? 50-ton? 70-ton?


Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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