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Try a junk yard.

Kevin Lafferty

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F.Y.I. You can buy plumbers 21/2# sheet lead (36"x36") in the
Chicago area for about the same price/lb. as the pennies. I find
it easier to use. Wire solder is about 3X lead or the penny method.

Different places, different rules. It's almost impossible to buy lead in
California (yeah, I know the comments already, no need for more). I went
looking for stick on weights one day (a.k.a. A-Line weights), visting every
tire shop and autoparts store I came across on a 10 mile drive along a
street filled with such establishments. All but one said the same thing:
they can stick them on my wheel rim but they cannot let me stick them on
anything else I own (because the state will be all over their butts if they
do). Finally found one place who agreed this was all nonesense and I bought
a box of strips at his cost ($13/box).

Dave Nelson

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