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Douglas Harding

Ken if you check the group files for the following file you will find the 1949 AAR loading diagrams. Tractor Loading on Flatcars AAR 1949.pdf  

The diagram shows the tractors are properly secured.


Doug Harding


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Am I missing something? I am used to seeing a profusion of tie-downs, either chains or ropes. Is there just a tie-down from the left side of the tractor's rear to the flat car and a strap through the right front tire?


Lots of blocking front, back and behind the drive wheels, and blocking on all 4 sides of the steering wheels - does that compensate for just a few tie-downs?


I am asking because of my lack of knowledge and experience with securing such a load and am in the process of adding such a load to a flat car.

Ken Montero



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Bob Chaparro wrote:

Photo: Export Tractor Load

An undated photo from the Hennepin County Library:

Use the arrow in the upper right hand corner to enlarge each photo, then scroll on it to enlarge it more.

Tractors from Minneapolis-Moline Power Implement Company.


    The crate would certainly simplify modeling tractors!


Tony Thompson




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