Milwaukee Road Boxcar 713481 and HORMEL reefer

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Bob and List Members,
Thank you Bob for the very excellent set of images.
I could not help but notice there are more images of this 1934 wreck - one of them is in the link below.
I do notice there is a reefer on its side in the foreground, it appears to have HORMEL billboard lettering across its side. At first the reporting marks seem to me to read OAH&CO or QAH&CO. All HORMAL reefers I previously had images for had NADX reporting marks. When I looked up HORMEL in Wikipedia, I discovered that the founder's name was George A. Hormel. So maybe the reporting marks read GAH&CO instead. This is all new information to me.
Claus Schlund

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Photos: Milwaukee Road Boxcar 713481

Two 1934 photos from the Hennepin County Library:

Use the arrow in the upper right hand corner to enlarge each photo, then scroll on it to enlarge it more.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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