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Roger Robar

William, I would suggest you check/call Bob’s Photo’s, P.O. Box 52, Wallingford, KY 41093  606-845-3323  Bob only does business over the phone. I know in years past he had many colored milk car photos.  


Roger Robar


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 I am modeling some milk container cars on the flat cars owned by National Car Company that the DL&W used to carry in their milk trains in the early 1950’s.  Funaro and Camerlengo (F&C) has produced these cars in HO as resin kits.  In the process of painting the kits, the question is what color are the containers and what were they lettered.

In a review of the kits in RMC in the July 1989 issue written by Rusty Recordon, he indicated that the in the 1950’s era, the containers were very weathered, without any lettering and appeared to be a Pullman green color based on his viewing some color movies from the period.  I have be unable to locate any color photos of these cars and there are few black and white images available. 

The Lackawanna served several dairies in the period including Dairymen’s League, Sheffield and Borden’s.  According to the F&C instructions, the Dairymen’s League, Sheffield and Borden’s containers were all white with black lettering, though even in the few black and white images I have found, the Borden’s containers don’t appear white, but something much darker in shade – perhaps very weathered white?

 If anyone has better information on this topic, I would appreciate it.  I have posted a photo from the F&C website of the Borden’s containers as a reference.


William E. Botkin

Centennial, CO


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