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Those are sugar cane cars.   Bagasse isn’t hauled but used as fuel in the boilers.  Yes it is on a very tight schedule from the time it is burned till grinding is 8 hrs.  We dump the cars on their side to unload them.  That’s the way it’s been done for years and years.  The oldest car I’ve seen in service this last season was 1926.  I’m sure it’s possible that some of those cars pictured have been rebuilt and are still in service. 


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Growing up in Hawaii I know that from the moment the cane is cut it’s on a very tight schedule to get to the crushers quickly(quality issue). I’m guessing the train is only hauling cane, and racing to the mill. Big cars! How unloaded? 

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Could this be BAGASSE rather than fresh sugar cane? I have usually heard this type of freight car
called a bagasse car.

Tim O"Connor

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Hi List Members,
Shipping sugar cane by rail...
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