Re: fire truck delivered in Oregon on a PRR end-door box car



I'll be the first to comment on that Seaboard car to confirm your accurate suspicion. I was pleasantly surprised to see it and simultaneously astounded because 28 years later I was walking those same spots in Roseburg as a teen. Would come down from nearby Glide for the weekend and railfan. Heck, maybe that same fire truck was still around but most likely in a local field or smaller community as back up since they have second lives in one such capacity or another. 

That Seaboard car gives me an excuse to get one if it's available. I have about 15 of the P2K 50 footers so far that work for this era. Anything remotely close in HO for SAL? I can't get the link to work now to see if it's a 40 or 50 in length. Bowser and Accurail have 40 feet versions and Branchline does a PS1 in 50 but that's not it in the photo.

Tony Pawley

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