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Mont Switzer

Well said, Tom.


Mont Switzer

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As an octogenarian living alone I can't afford to put myself in any situation that carries the risk of hospitalization. Until there's a vaccine or effective outpatient treatment for the virus I won't be doing any commercial traveling or participating in group activities. The Hindsight 2020 RPM was tailor made for those like me and I hope these virtual meetings continue. There were two interrelated aspects that I really, really liked - no rows of heads obscuring portions of the screen, and the images on the screen were right here on my high definition computer monitor and not 30 feet away. As a single-track event I got to see several presentations I would not have chosen to attend at a multi-track live meet, and learned some new things as a result. Yes, I missed seeing old friends, walking on the beach and having the opportunity to write a large check to Bob Liljestrand at the end of the day, but a virtual meet is a very desirable alternative to a live meet. And as Ken says, it makes presentations available to those who can't come to live meets.

Tom Madden

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