Re: LL ERIE gon

Don Valentine

Carrying things one step further one might as well say that Bruce was correct
in stating that Kato never released these cars decorated for the Erie in that
they used the wrong car! Look at the photo you have posted, Schuyler, and you
will note it is one of the cars Kato offered later with the open panels between
the hoppers. The A-3 Ride Control trucks are not proper for the nit-pickers.
Other than these points and a less than adequate lettering job it's a great car!

Take care, Don Valentine

uoting Schuyler G Larrabee <>:

Bruce, comparing my Kato factory-decorated ERIE ACF covered hopper (but
knew that by now) to the L-L gon, the short answer is "no."

The rib spacing on the ACF car resulted in a very small diamond,
than the one on the gon. However, not as small as the one on the model
decorated by Kato. The limitations of pad printing meant that they
get the tips of the diamond to touch the ribs on either side. See:

The ELHS offered replacement diamond for the L-L car is slightly too
to fit properly between the model's ribs.

What I had not noticed before is that the prototype blt date is 4-46,
the model is lettered 3-49, and there's a few other minor discrepancies
lettering. Now, that's annoying!

And no, I don't know of a good alternative for the diamond.


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