Re: Looking for tips on transferring Clover House dry transfers to decal paper

Lester Breuer

I have transferred Clover House dry transfers to decal paper many times.  I just lay the dry transfer carrier sheet on the decal paper on a flat firm surface ( I have a plate glass surface on my workbench which also acts as a surface plate) and use a nylon burnisher to go over dry transfers to transfer the dry transfer to the decal paper. When all desired transfer is made I cover the applied dry transfered lettering with the plain wax sheet enclosed with the dry transfers and again go lightly over the lettering with the nylon burnisher. When complete I cover the transferred lettering with MicroScale Liquid Decal Film.  Let dry for 20 minutes plus and you have a decal ready to apply. 

It also helps if the carrier sheet is used in a warm rather than cold environment.   Some individuals ( I do not as a norm) warm the dry transfer carrier sheet via light bulb.   

I personally do not like the metal burnisher tips as I have found they do not work as well as the nylon to transfer for me.

Lester Breuer

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