Re: Looking for tips on transferring Clover House dry transfers to decal paper

Douglas Harding

Make sure you have an edge square to the lettering, so you can line up the carrier (ie paper) properly. Use a piece of Scotch tape to tape the carrier to the model, this will keep it from shifting as you rub and it will allow you to lift to view progress and be able to lay back down if not all the transfer is complete.


You can use a variety of things to burnish with. A soft lead pencil works, but don’t use a sharp one that might poke the carrier paper. Woodland Scenics made a large soft plastic tool that works well for large images, but is not real good for small areas or crevices in the surface. A piece of soft strip wood, like balsa, can be used.


Make sure you cover the complete transfer when burnishing. But don’t over do it. I like to use a pencil because then I can where I have burnished and where I have missed. Too much burnishing will cause the transfer to stick to the carrier paper instead of the model. Rub enough to get the transfer to stick to the model surface. Once the entire transfer is stuck, you can remove the carrier paper, then you can switch to a non stick carrier and press harder with a final burnishing.


Doug Harding


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I have always struggled with using dry transfer products.  What kind of tips can anyone offer as to making successful transfers of the Clover House lettering to decal paper?  Proper burnishing techniques, etc.?


Thanks in advance,

Steve Hile

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