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Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

The discussion of canning operations is of interest to me as I intend to
model at least the facade and dedicated siding to the American Can plant in
Vancouver B.C. While I have numerous photos, none show any other car types
except box cars.

But from what I am reading in some of your e-mails, it appears that canning
factories did more than simply shape and solder sheets of tin into cans -
they also treated the metal in some way (that I have yet to understand).
And from what Peter Boylan says, this involved acids. So it appears to me
there are multiple car types that would have been used to serve an American
Cannign Co. factory mid century or slightly earlier (tank cars, perhaps
gondolas?). Is this supposition true? - and if so, would it be true at all
of their factories, or only at a select few. (I.e. did some factories
supply partially prepared material to other factories for final assembly, or
did each plant do the whole job from beggining to end?)

Since this question is premised on an incomplete understanding of what can
manufacturing companies do, perhaps someone knows a source that describes
the basic operations. I can guess there would be cutting sheet tin into
strips, rolling it and soldering it, and then mechanically placing and
sealing the ends. But my impression from other email is that there are
precursor steps as well.

Maybe there is a source on the subject?

Rob Kirkham

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