Re: Pullman Standard cushioned underframe question for PS-1 cars

Ed Hawkins

On Jul 7, 2020, at 4:01 PM, Brent Greer <studegator@...> wrote:

Friend Jim Brewer recently shared some information on various lots of PS-1 boxcars ordered by the Norfolk and Western.  One of these was for a group of only 5 cars, identified in the data as PS Lot 8160D  for five cars with the cushioned under frames.  The N&W car number series is 53995-53999 and the only information on the diagram is "sliding sill 10" rubber cushion."   My question for the knowledgeable experts in our group is "What type of cushioned under frames were these?"   Did PS have their own proprietary system, or was this something like a Duryea under frame?   And of course, I am interested in how best to model this under frame.

It was a Pullman-Standard proprietary design in which 100 cars were built in 2-54 & sold to 8 different railroads (lots 8160A thru H). A good source is Jim Kinkaid’s article in January 2002 Mainline Modeler. Included is a schematic drawing to illustrate how it functions.
Ed Hawkins

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