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Tim and Friends,

Actually there were two different underframes applied to WP 1952 and 1953, apparently for evaluation.

I have the general arrangement drawing in the book FREIGHT CAR DIAGRAMS, BOXCAR, WESTERN PACIFIC RAILROAD CO. (a reprint of WP general arrangement drawings published by the Feather River Railroad Museum at Portola many years ago). Just the diagram for 1952 is included. It is a general diagram used also for their 7' PS-1 cars, though the dimensions given are for 1952 which had a 6' door. The length over end sills was 40' 8 1/4". The length over the strikers was 43' 3", giving a 15 3/8" extension of the underframe. No data on the underframe itself is given. This car was initially leased from Pullman, but was purchased by the WP in 1960.

WP 1953 was also leased from Pullman, but was later wrecked (thus it is not in the diagram book cited above). A black-and-white photo is found on page 72 of Patrick C. Dorin's WESTERN PACIFIC LOCOMOTIVES AND CARS [v. 1]. It shows solid orange sides, black lettering, and a silver feather taking up most of the car side to the left of the door. Presumably 1952 used the same paint scheme, and this scheme seems only to have been used for these two cars (a similar scheme with a silver feather all the way across the car was used for a small number of 50' single-door PS-1s, also with cushion underframes).

WP 1952 and 1953 were the only WP 40' PS-1 boxcars with 6' doors. 

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Garth Groff  🦆

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 5:13 PM Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

I will guess that it's the same 10" cushioning applied to a tiny number of Western Pacific box cars (e.g. WP 1953).

These really early cushion underframes have not been documented much in the hobby literature. The cars were built
before the SP-SRI "Hydracushion" design, or the Pullman "Hydroframe", or Evans, or other cushioned underframe designs.

I modeled the WP car with an extended coupler pocket. :-)   What else is there to do when there is no drawing?

Tim O'

On 7/7/2020 5:01 PM, Brent Greer wrote:

Friend Jim Brewer recently shared some information on various lots of PS-1 boxcars ordered by the Norfolk and Western.  One of these was for a group of only 5 cars, identified in the data as PS Lot 8160D  for five cars with the cushioned under frames.  The N&W car number series is 53995-53999 and the only information on the diagram is "sliding sill 10" rubber cushion."   My question for the knowledgeable experts in our group is "What type of cushioned under frames were these?"   Did PS have their own proprietary system, or was this something like a Duryea under frame?   And of course, I am interested in how best to model this under frame.

Any and all help appreciated,


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts


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